Construction of a wooden bridge at Unterholz Estate, near Bernried

The Unterholz Estate lies on both sides of a county road. The newly constructed wooden bridge allows the cattle and horses to cross the road easily and safely. The owner had originally purchased the glued laminated timber of the dismantled press building of the G7 summit at Schloss Ellmau as recycled construction material for the structure.

However, the bridge required a greater clearance than expected in order to avoid a potential vehicle impact. Its newly proposed span reached 24 meters, for which the purchased material was insufficient and only adequate for the construction of the secondary timber structure.

The roofed truss bridge was ultimately constructed using glued laminated timber with slotted sheet and dowel joints. The transverse reinforcement is provided by the railing profiles made of steel clamped onto the floor construction.


Involvement:           Phases 1 - 8

Commencement of Planning:

                                   August 2015

Commencement of Construction:

                                   November 2017

Completion of Construction:

                                   May 2018

Bridge Area:             approx. 70 m²  

Cost:                          approx. €300,000 gross (KG 300+400)

Architect:                  Baubiologisches Ingenieur- und                                                               Architekturbüro, Wissnet, Tutzing

Extract from Bayerische Staatszeitung Nr. 27, 3 July 2020

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